Kimono Jacket from Handmade Vintage Blanket

Kimono Jacket from Handmade Vintage Blanket


This Kimono style jacket is an all weather item that happens to look great in the snow! I found the material at an antique shop up here in Connecticut which appeared to be a handmade blanket. There were some age spots and small holes in the fabric suggesting that this piece had a history behind it. I wanted to honor the creator of the blanket, but transform it into something functional in order to give it new life. I was able to use every last bit of material making this jacket and another kimono. Zero Waste!

Size is a S, M, L

I am a Medium and there is still room to party!

There are still some age spots that I did my best to remove holistically. I also darned some small holes. The majority of the age spots are on the inside of the coat.

Photos by Jeff Stewart

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