Custom Service Deposit

Custom Service Deposit


I love working on special creative projects with individuals or professionals! I have worked with special clients for weddings, video shoots and one-on-one tailoring services. I do my best to keep these projects in line with my sustainable philosophy: zero waste, natural fabrics, upcycling/repurposing. If you are interested in getting a project started, please fill out the form in the custom services page first and we can discuss your vision along with pricing.

This $100 deposit will secure your order and provide funds for materials. This deposit will be apart of the overall total price that we discuss upon completion of the custom services form and the remainder will be invoiced at a later date.

I cannot start on any projects until after the form in custom services is filled and this $100 deposit has been made.

Timing depends on project, but I have a 4 week minimum for processing and creating any custom order. If the order is more detailed and specific, I will need more time beyond 4 weeks to complete the order. If you have a time sensitive project, please let me know in the body of your message and we can discuss expedited pricing. I want to be able to work with any requests and will do my best to work out the best deal for both of us!

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