Fashion Revolution

It is time to join the revolution. 

If you do not know what I am referring to, search Rana Plaza collapse 2013. Rana Plaza, located in Savar Upazila of Dhaka District, Bangladesh where 1,134 people died and around 2,500 people were injured, the "deadliest disaster in the history of the garment industry ." Rana Plaza is a garment factory where people come to work everyday to make the clothing that we wear. It was known for having poor working conditions, but nothing was ever done to make things safer for the workers. The day before the collapse, there were noticeable cracks in the building and odd shaking on the upper floors, even an engineer came out the day before and warned the building was unsafe, however, Mr. Rana - the factory owner - urged workers to come back to work the next day. 

How tragic.

Over 1,100 people died for fast fashion. Our fast fashion.

It is possible for events like this to happen when we lower our quality standards - standards for others lives and standards for what we spend our money on. 

Have you ever spent less than $15 on a full price dress? Make it less than $30. Have you? If so, chances are someone has been majorly exploited in that process in order to get you the cheapest dollar on an outfit-in order for you to look good and save a buck.

This is unacceptable.

And what is challenging about all of this is than most of are not made aware of any of this by the retail companies themselves. This means we have do do our own work to find out where our money goes and what exactly we are paying for. Chances are if a company does not share this information willingly, they are not doing things the most ethically.

This is why I am here. I am going to do the work for you and share what I learn. I want to spread awareness to make changes to fast fashion and educate others on the benefits of slow fashion.

I want everyone to make the best shopping decision possible and in order to do that, we need all of the information. So please stay tuned and read my tips on how to make the most ethical shopping decisions that have the least amount of negative impact on other humans around the world. 

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! And don't act like you don't have time for this or that it is too much to think about because your life is so busy and important, because it is not. I am no better than You and You are no better than Me and WE are no better than THEM.  We have to be accountable and responsible for our everyday actions and if you have time to go shopping and time to search for the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe then you have the time to learn about who made that perfect piece.

Your first assignment is to find out where your clothes are made. Take a second when you are folding your laundry and check out the labels. More than likely they will indicate where the clothing was manufactured. Now, a person made this garment, more than likely a woman and maybe even a child if it is made in a lesser developed country. USA has different working standards than other countries and just because an American company hires an overseas production company, does not mean they have to meet up to American standards. I am not saying America has the best standards, there are still companies that have poor working conditions. However, my point is, other countries do things differently and do not have to abide by American standards or the standards of the country that hires them. At least just think about what it would mean for your clothes to be made in another country. Do you remember how much you paid for each item? Cut that price in half and that is how much the retailer paid for the item. Now cut that price in half again, that is possibly roughly how much it costs to make that item. There may even be one more price cut because there are other possible expenses or production partners. That final number has to pay the person who made the garment and the cost of materials. Does that seem like enough money to pay a person or group of people to make that garment???

I am not asking you to donate money to a charity where you don't know if your money is actually helping that cause. But by altering the shopping choices you make, you are DIRECTLY changing lives. This methodology is more effective than voting if you ask me. Demand that corrupt companies change their ways and start supporting the companies that are doing it right. 

Not only will this start to help change the quality standards and the lives of others, but you will feel better. Trust me, you really will feel better inside. Knowledge enables a liberation of sorts and once you begin to make conscious and ethical shopping decisions, you will feel a weight has been lifted from your chest and you will sleep much better at night night.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading!