Nikki Stewart

Sustainable Fashion Designer


Nikki Stewart is a women's wear designer recently relocated from LA to Connecticut. She received her BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Nikki earned a  scholarship to play on the SCAD Women's Golf Team where she received a number of achievements including SCAD Athlete of the Year, All-American Athlete two years in a row, and Champion of Character, just to name a few. After graduating from SCAD Nikki went on to pursue Professional Golf and went to Q-School and played in The Sun Coast Tour from 2012-2013. Although golf was a very important part of her life, she realized her heart belonged to the arts.

Nikki founded her clothing and accessory brand, Of The Land, in 2016. Of The Land is a sustainable line of fashion in it's materials and use of them as well as it's inspiration. Nikki takes an idea or a feeling and turns it into something tactile, and hopefully the viewer or wearer receives their own unique experience. Zero-waste is a large part of her process in that she uses every aspect of the material until the pieces are too small to cut or sew. Those pieces are collected and will then be used to make recycled paper. This is part of the sustainable life cycle of her practice. Part of her love of nature comes from her upbringing. It is hard to live by the ocean and the mountains and not allow them to influence art. Growing up, Nikki would go camping with her family and nature became a part of who she is now.

Nikki's areas of expertise lie in textiles, from fabric manipulation to textile design. This includes dying, felting, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, repeat prints, placement prints, and marbling. She has a strong interest in active wear as well as one of a kind special occasion wear. Nikki loves creating custom pieces for individual clients that range from contemporary costumes to bridal wear. She will do her best to work within any budget to create something unique and unforgettable for her clients.